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Кубок юных футболистов с Диабетом 2010 / Diabetes Junior Cup 2010

Кубок юных футболистов с Диабетом 2010 / Diabetes Junior Cup 2010

Commenting on the Diabetes Junior Cup, Sir Steve Redgrave, five times Olympic Gold medallist said: "The Junior Cup supported by JDRF and Medtronic is a fantastic opportunity for children in the UK who have type 1 diabetes. As someone with diabetes, I believe it's important for people to know that the condition should not stop you from achieving success where you want to. Especially with the latest technology (such as continuous glucose monitoring), it's now possible for people with diabetes to control their condition and realise their dreams, whether it be on or off the football pitch."

The Diabetes Junior Cup is an international event established in 2007 as part of an effort to improve diabetes management in young people across the globe. It lasts for three days and involves 230 young people from 16 countries. The event is split into 3 age groups (6-9 years, 10-14 years and 15-18 years). The winning team in each age group receives a Trophy and the opportunity to meet Sir Steve Redgrave, who will be attending the competition.

Eleven-year-old Yvette Loukes, from Manchester, UK, hasn’t let diabetes stop her from following her football dreams.  Along with being picked in the UK under-12 Diabetes Junior Cup team for the second year in a row, Yvette also plays football for one of the world’s most prestigious clubs – Manchester United Football Club. 

Yvette first signed for Manchester United Girls aged 8 1/2 – selected, like her under-10 team-mates, from over 100 who attended the trials.  About to begin her fourth season with the MUFC U12 Girls’ squad, Yvette was last year voted Players’ Player of the year by her team-mates.

Emma Fletcher, Manchester United Foundation FA Girls Centre of Excellence Development Director, says: “Manchester United Foundation is committed to giving youngsters a chance to thrive. All our girls share the same goal: to work very hard to be the best they can be. And we’re here to ensure that they are given the very best possible coaching available. Like all her exceptionally dedicated team-mates, ‘Yvy’ is a credit to the club.”

Diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of four and a half, Yvette says she can’t wait to represent her country again at the 2010 Diabetes Junior Cup.  “Diabetes? As long as I’ve had a good breakfast, all I need is regular top-ups with Vimto & water and the odd half-time sweet. All my mates know the score – playing football with them is absolutely the best. I can’t wait to represent Great Britain in Geneva again this year. It's a top occasion. Last year was brilliant. And many of the players wear a pump, like me!” 

Sarah McCulloch of JDRF said: “This inspiring group of young people with type 1 diabetes are dedicated to football and are determined not to let their condition hold them back from achieving success in sport. We are excited to see them competing for Great Britain at the Junior Cup and wish them the best of luck in the tournament!”

Junior cup 2010: Львенок Ленни приветствует участников

Junior cup 2010: Представление команд - Россия

Кубок среди Ребят с Диабетом, 2010
Junior Cup Diabetes 2010

Джек, 10 лет, живёт с Диабетом 9 лет
Jack, 10 years old, has been living with diabetes for 9 years

Джулиус, 8 лет, живёт с Диабетом 2 года
Julius, 8 years old, has been living with diabetes for 2 years

Алессандро де Карли, 15 лет, живёт с Диабетом 7 лет
Alessandro De Carli, 15 years old, has been living with diabetes for 7 years

For more information and images contact:
JDRF: Louisa Sampson, Tel: 020 7841 3625.
Email: lsampson@jdrf.org.uk

Medtronic UK: Mikhaila Ellis, Tel: 07795 083 616.
Email: mikhaila.d.ellis@medtronic.com

Cohn & Wolfe: Rory Berrie, Tel: 020 7331 5317.
Email: rory.berrie@cohnwolfe.com

Or visit the website: www.juniorcup-diabetes.eu

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Partners united in the same cause
The Diabetes Junior Cup is organized by Medtronic, a world leader in medical technology for diabetes management, in cooperation with Bayer Health Care Diabetes Care, Eli Lilly, the International Diabetes Federation (IDF), the International Society for Pediatric and Adolescent Diabetes (ISPAD), Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF), Puma, Pepsi Lipton International, Hôpitaux Universitaires de Genève (HUG), the Philias Foundation and the Theodora Foundation.

By organizing this tournament, the partners wish to offer young people with diabetes and their parents an opportunity to learn better diabetes management, share experiences and get to know and enjoy the sport. The organizers provide the participants and their families with playing opportunities, a resting area, food and drink as well as professional medical care.

About JDRF
Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) exists to find the cure for type 1 diabetes and its complications, and is the world's largest charitable funder of type 1 diabetes research.  It was founded by a small group of parents of children with type 1 diabetes who recognised that insulin injections are not the cure for this life threatening and lifelong condition.
About Type 1 diabetes
Type 1 diabetes is the most widespread chronic condition in children, accounting for over 90% of diabetes cases in children. It’s an auto-immune condition against which there is no preventive therapy. Type 1 diabetes is on the increase, with an alarming annual growth rate of 5% in pre-school children and 3% in school children and adolescents.

The International Diabetes Federation (IDF) has chosen the theme of Diabetes education and prevention for the World Diabetes Day, with the 2010 campaign slogan “Let’s take control of diabetes. Now.” The United Nations Resolution on Diabetes, approved on 20 December 2006, encourages member states to develop national policies for diabetes prevention, treatment and care. In 2007, the European Parliament launched an appeal calling for action to improve diabetes management throughout the European Union.

Manchester United Foundation FA Girls Centre of Excellence
The Manchester United Foundation FA Girls Centre of Excellence aims to provide opportunities for girls to play football at the highest standard against other clubs of a similar level, with the aim of maximising their potential and developing them to international standard. Manchester United Foundation provides the girls with three hours of intensive training per week along with games with other Centres of Excellence teams from the North West.  Within the programme the girls have regular fitness tests and use online logbooks to record data on their diet, training and performance.
Last year was the first year for the Centre of Excellence and it was extremely successful with three girls being selected for the international squads.


Мария Халстова 10 Sep, 2010
По-моему - это суперофигительно! Такое событие - и всё для Диабетиков! Для нас!!!
cghnghmghmhm hgfbnxfghjm 20 Jan, 2012
как стать частью команды от России??
Yeva 20 Jan, 2012
Турнир "Кубок юниоров - Диабет" организован компанией Medtronic, мировым лидером в области медицинских технологий для лечения диабета, в сотрудничестве с Bayer HealthCare Diabetes Care, Eli Lilly, Международным обществом детского и юношеского диабета (ISPAD), Международной Диабетической Федерации (IDF), Фондом исследований диабета (JDRF), компанией Puma и Больничным центром при Женевском университете (HUG).
Видимо, их представители и могут рассказать о том, как попасть на турнир.
Представитель компании Medtronic Анна Коваленко рассказала читателям портала об этих соревнованиях, вот здесь: http://moidiabet.ru/blog/4ii-mejdunarodnii-futbolnii-turnir-dlja-detei-diabetikov/offset/5 , можно задать вопрос ей, вот ее страничка: http://moidiabet.ru/home/anna-kovalenko
А еще на портале есть участник 4-го международного футбольного турнира для детей-диабетиков в Женеве, Иван Румянцев (ему 11 лет). Я думаю, он тоже может ответить на Ваш вопрос. Вот его страничка: http://moidiabet.ru/home/ivan-rumjancev