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IDF statement on availability of insulin in Greece

According to the International Diabetes Federation’s (IDF) Diabetes Atlas Fourth Edition, there are over 750,000 people with diabetes in Greece.

IDF takes the position that every person with diabetes should have access to the appropriate medication and the ability to choose and tailor treatment to individual needs. Therefore, the permanent availability of insulin is a priority, even in times of financial crisis. 

“Insulin is life-saving and so it’s important to guarantee full access,” said IDF President Jean Claude Mbanya. “Failure to do so can result in serious and irreversible consequences to their health.”

Lack of proper care and treatment of diabetes can also cripple national economies through lost productivity and increased health care and pension costs, not to mention the personal hardship and suffering it causes.

As the advocate for the rights of people with diabetes worldwide, the International Diabetes Federation urges Governments and the pharmaceutical industry to negotiate and collaborate in a way that will ensure an uninterrupted supply of insulin and other essential diabetes medicines and equipment.


MOU signing strengthens diabetes advocacy and awareness in the Gulf

International Diabetes Federation (IDF) CEO Ann Keeling signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Kuwait Finance House (KFH) on 3 May in Kuwait. The MOU is the first of its kind among banks to upgrade services offered to people with diabetes in the Gulf and Middle East areas.

“Our collaboration with the Kuwait Finance House will further help in the promotion of diabetes care and prevention in the region,” Ms Keeling said.

KFH CEO Mohammed Al-Omar said in a press statement that KFH is working towards extending its social role to serve millions of people in the Gulf and Middle East. The agreement between KFH and IDF states that the two parties will cooperate in organizing awareness campaigns, forums, lectures and programs about diabetes in order to control the condition and its complications.

Part of the reason for the visit, Ms Keeling’s first to the country, is the high prevalence of diabetes in the region.

“The visit was a great opportunity to learn more about the culture and get a better view of the context of diabetes in Kuwait,” she said.

According to the IDF Diabetes Atlas, over 230,000 people in Kuwait are living with diabetes, and the country ranks among the top 10 countries in the world in terms of diabetes prevalence. It is therefore vital to work with the Gulf region and beyond around advocacy and diabetes education.

“It’s very important that we engage with countries in the Gulf region as we want to leave a positive legacy from the upcoming World Diabetes Congress in Dubai,” said Ms Keeling.

The World Diabetes Congress—one of the world’s largest medical congresses— will take place at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre on 4-8 December 2011. Organized by IDF every two years, the Congress is expected to attract close to 15,000 delegates, more than 300 high level speakers, and representatives from over 200 national diabetes associations from more than 160 countries.

Engaging with the Gulf region by holding the Congress in Dubai and meeting with representatives and leaders of the diabetes community in the area will provide the opportunity to discuss a broad range of diabetes issues, including education, advocacy and awareness.

“We’re looking forward to building a two-way dialogue between the Gulf and the rest of the world on diabetes,” Ms Keeling added.