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Международная Федерация Диабета аплодирует компании Pepsi Co, прекратившей продажи своих напитков в школах

The company will be launching a new global policy on the sales of beverages to schools, according to which PepsiCo has committed to work towards ensuring that full-sugar carbonated soft drinks are no longer offered for sale in schools.

IDF’s sister federation the World Heart Federation (WHF) has been leading discussions over the past year with the global soft drinks industry to ensure that the only beverages available in schools are those that meet children’s nutritional needs. This new development from PepsiCo marks a positive step towards reaching this goal with soft drink manufacturers globally.

“This is a big move by PepsiCo and one the NCD Alliance stands firmly behind. With PepsiCo’s new policy, we hope to see other corporations following the trend,” said IDF CEO Ann Keeling.

“Healthy school environments play a key role in shaping the health of our children. We are pleased that PepsiCo is leading the way within the beverage industry,” added WHF President Pekka Puska.

The NCD alliance – comprised of IDF, WHF, the International Union Against Cancer (UICC), and the International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease - also acknowledges the Coca-Cola Company’s Global School Beverage Guidelines to withdraw beverages from primary schools. However, it urges all beverage companies to commit to withdrawing beverages that contain added sugar from all schools that have students up to 18 years of age.